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Question types on the SAT Subject Test Biology E/M

As May and June approach, many of you may be preparing to take several SAT Subject Tests. These tests are great if you can achieve a high score, and really help to make you a competitive candidate in the college admissions process. The Biology E/M subject test is a popular one for those interested in pursuing a degree in the sciences.Preparation can be difficult, but knowing what to expect on the exam will help you focus your preparation. In our post, we’ll break down what the major question types are and how to approach them. Bio SAT Subject Test Overview There are 80 questions and you are allotted 60 minutes to complete the exam. There are five major question types on the SAT Biology Subject Exam. Here they are, and here are some tips on how to approach them: 1) Classification questions Classification questions ask you to take a statement and categorize it based on the five choices they provided at the beginning of the prompt. This type of question is determining the completeness of your knowledge on a particular topic. Here’s an example: Choose from the terms below: (A) Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum (B) Nucleolus (C) Ribosomes (D) Lysosomes (E) Golgi Apparatus The site of protein production Found in large quantities in white blood cells and other phagocytosing cells If you picked C for question 1 and D for question 2, then you picked correctly. Here this question is testing how well you understand the functions of all the structures in the cell. It requires an in depth knowledge of all the parts of the cell that contribute to its functioning. When approaching this question, what I like to do, is take a look at the questions and then take a look at the choices. From these questions, its clear that its all about the functions. I would then quickly just write down next to each choice what the function of that structure within the cell is. 2) Standard Multiple Choice questions This is a standard multiple choice question with five choices to choose from. Process of elimination is your friend here. Some choices will have nothing to do with the process or structure they are testing on, and these should be crossed out. If you’re stuck, crossing out answers you know to be incorrect will make your guessing more effective. The other big stumbling block for students are EXCEPT questions. These questions ask you to identify which choice is WRONG. What students often find helpful is to re-write the question. For example All of the following are correct about enzymes EXCEPT can be re-written as Which of the following about enzymes is WRONG. Re-writing the question will help you think about it, and get to the answer much more efficiently. Questions based on Diagrams/Charts Questions based on Experiments These two types often go together. The question prompt will present some information from an experiment, often in graphical form. They will then ask you to interpret and draw conclusions from that information. For example: The graph below illustrates the data obtained from reactions at various temperatures of an enzyme with its specific substrate at pH. What can be predicted if the experiment is carried out at 5oC? (A) No prediction would be valid (B) Amount of product would equal to that at 20oC would be formed (C) An amount of product equal to that at the optimum temperature would be formed. (D) An amount of product equal to that atwould be formed (E) Little or no product would be formed If you picked choice E, you’d be correct! Here they want you realize that this graphs the amount of product as a function of temperature. Analyzing the graph, we see that as the temperature decreases from the optimal 40 degrees, the amount of product is reduced. Thus we can conclude that at even lower temperatures, we’d have no product at all. Those are the types of questions to expect on your exam. As you prepare, think about how the material you are covering could be asked. Your tutor can help you work through problems more efficiently and help you achieve success in your college admissions process. Good luck! ;

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The Life of Alexander Plutarch - 1383 Words

In Life of Alexander, Plutarch employs extensive methods to depict Alexander as a man of both great ambition and self-control, despite Alexander’s degeneration of character by the end of his life. In the modern world, the regression from just conqueror to unrestrained tyrant is completely congruent with the contemporary concept of ambiguous morality. In the ancient world, however, everything is expressed and understood in clear constructs; therefore, one’s character cannot change within a lifetime—it can only be revealed. The history of Alexander the Great is well-known, so Plutarch has to address common knowledge and beliefs while persuading the audience to believe in his portrayal of Alexander. Plutarch establishes Alexander as a great ruler whose out of character actions are made sensible with reinterpretations of situations and are neutralized with stories proving his positive traits. Through these methods, Plutarch successfully resolves the issue of Alexand er’s conflicts in character and is able to create a convincible and consistent character. Plutarch’s portrayal of Alexander as a just king is challenged by the infamous destruction of Thebes. Alexander leading his army to destroy Thebes and massacre its population is characteristic of a cruel tyrant, not a just king. To resolve this, Plutarch describes Alexander as â€Å"wishing to give her still a chance to repent of what she had done, he merely demanded the surrender of Phoenix and Prothytes and proclaimed an amnestyShow MoreRelatedThe Victory Of The Battle Of Issus, And The Conquering Of Tyre922 Words   |  4 PagesHowever, the accuracy of the film takes a turn when transitioning from Alexander taking over gaining more power and taking over the thrown and the battle of Gaugamela. Covering Alexander’s accomplishments concerning the defeat of the rebellion of Thebes, the battle of Issus, and the conquering of Tyre would have drastically increased the running time of the film, but these events are important to understanding Alexander’s overall triu mph. Before his father, Philip, died a Greek city called ThebesRead MoreAlexander the Greats Determination845 Words   |  4 Pagesdeath of King Darius III, Alexander began to introduce his ‘Policy of Fusion’. He believed that if the two traditions (Macedonian and Persian) could be â€Å"blended and assimilated†, his authority would be more securely established and would rest on good will rather than on force, according to ancient historian Plutarch. This tell us that Alexander did not want to destroy the Persia that Darius and his ancestors had set up and replace it with a Macedonian ruling. Quoting Plutarch, â€Å"He understood that theRead MoreThe Potential Of Persuasion By Phaedrus And Life Of Demosthenes1585 Words   |  7 PagesBui Ngo Thanh Truc (Tessa) The Potential of Persuasion in Phaedrus and Life of Demosthenes Persuasion is an essential skill for rhetoricians. Since all a rhetorician needs is not the truth but his own opinion, persuasion is necessary to address the assembly. While persuasion could be used to lead a city to making the right decisions and gaining glory, the power of persuasion could be also abused or used by the wrong person. Demosthenes uses his rhetorical skills to push Athens away from its courseRead MoreAlexander the Great Essay1747 Words   |  7 PagesAlexander the Great, son of King Philip II of Macedonia, underwent a journey of overwhelming odds. Alexander led his army through multiple victories across the Persian territories of Asia Minor, Syria and Egypt without the agony of a single defeat. A noteworthy battle of Alexander was the Battle of Gaugamela in 331 B.C.E. The Battle of Gaugamela is significant because it ended Darius’s rule over Persia. [new par.] There are several forces and factors that contribute in making Alexander the GreatRead MoreAlexander the Greats Ability as a Leader1314 Words   |  6 PagesA;exander the Greats ability as a leader There has been much controversy over time about Alexander the Greats ability as a leader. There are five surviving sourced for knowledge of Alexander, the most reliable two written by Arrian (though his admiration for Alexander sometimes caused bias in his writing) and Plutarch. As stated by CB Welles, there have been many Alexanders. No account of him is all together wrong. Bibliography 1) Bradley, P (1988), Ancient Greece Using Evidence, CambridgeRead More Plutarchs Aims and Achievements as a Biographer Essay1880 Words   |  8 Pagesbiographer -To what extent does Plutarch achieve his aims for the lives of Marius and Caesar? We are able to establish Plutarchs aims in creating his biographies by looking at his background and influences. Plutarch was born in Greece to a wealthy established family. He was well educated, studying rhetoric in Athens, and then travelled to Rome where he established connections with some important political figures. Despite being an outsider (a Greek), Plutarch accepted Roman aristocratic traditionRead MoreEssay on The Death of Alexander the Great7402 Words   |  30 PagesIn the year 324 BC, Alexander, on the way to Babylon, came to his traditional summer retreat of Ecbatana. There, he held a massive festival in honor of Dionysus in which it is believed up to 3,000 Greek performers were brought to provide entertainment. Night after night, lavish drinking parties ensued in which Alexander and Hephaestion, (his supposed alter ego) undoubtedly participated in. It was during this time of extravagant celebration that Hephaestion became ill and contracted a high feverRead MoreJulius Caesar- Rise to Prominence1729 Words   |  7 PagesJulius Caesar’s rise to prominence up until 60BC transpired due to a number of factors. The first of these being his family background and Marian connections, which at varying stages of his life were both a help and a hindrance. We can also note that most of his marriages wer e used to gain political and financial resources accentuating his connections to powerful families and individuals. This rise to prominence can also be attributed to Caesar’s opportunistic nature and vast ambitions coupled withRead MoreAlexander The Second Of Macedon Essay1530 Words   |  7 PagesAlexander the Third of Macedon, commonly referred to as Alexander the Great, was king of the Ancient Macedon a Greek kingdom upon his father s death in 336 BCE. Alexander was born the son of King Philip of Macedon in the Greek city of Pella in 356 BCE. He succeeded his father and took reins of Macedon at age twenty. Alexander spent a large majority of his ruling years on an military campaign through Asia and northeast Africa. By 326 BCE at the age of thirty he lead one of the largest empires ofRead MoreMovie And Scene Of The Movie Spartacus 1659 Words   |  7 Pagesresearch on what really happened at the time. This included written works by ancient writers, one of which was Plu tarch. Plutarch was the author of Lives, an ancient literary work that recorded the biographies of various prominent individuals from the time of Spartacus. There was no known date of when Lives was written, but it was known that Plutarch began writing rather late in his life, in his home of Chaeronea, in Greece (Warner 1964, 7). The context of the work at the time of the production of

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Lucy, The Gem Of Ethiopia - 1279 Words

Nicky Yoong Period 4 Lucy, the Gem of Ethiopia Introduction As humans we strive to learn about our past, present, and future. It doesn’t matter where you live or who you are; you have that urge, that indescribable feeling, to know who you are and where you came from. The best place and probably the most well known place to discover the past is Africa, which harbors one of the biggest archaeology sites in the world the Great Rift Valley. Archaeology in Africa is divided into two groups. One is the study of ancient civilizations like Egypt or the Mali Empire. The other is finding human origins and how we evolved from primitive mammals. We have fossil records of humans that date back millions of years which tell us of ancient humans and our evolution to become homo sapiens. The most famous of these pre-humans is Lucy or Dinkenesh which is the Ethiopian word for â€Å"she is wonderful.† Who is Lucy? Named after the Beatles song, â€Å"Lucy in the Sky without Diamonds,† Lucy is an ancient, fossil of australopithecus afarensis, one of our predecessors. Lucy is 40% of fossilized skeleton of a three foot six, fifty pound female who roamed the Great Rift Valley 3.2 million years ago. Lucy’s male counterparts were 5 feet and around 105 pounds. This difference in size between the males and females is called sexual dimorphism and it happens in a lot of ancient and modern animals. Lucy was found in Hadar (a dig site) 217 miles away from Addis Ababa the capital of Ethiopia. Donald

Keystone Group an Australian Hospitality †Myassignmenthelp.Com

Question: Discuss About the Keystone Group an Australian Hospitality? Answer: Introducation The Keystone group is an Australian hospitality empire that went into receivership. The restaurant and bar business of the company had gone into receivership. The main reason for the failure of the company was increase in the debts and it happened due to the inappropriate management structure of the group (Cummins, 2016). The debts were raised to continue its expansion plan. The executives and the managers were in responsible for the collapse of the company. The company raised debt as it took loans from the creditors and lenders. The main issue of the company is in servicing the debts and difficult to pay the debts. The company has to sale of its major business segments and it has shown the collapse of the company (Connellan, 2016). Solution The failure of the company was due to the increase in the debts. The management team is responsible for the failure of the company. The management used the debt sources in order to invest in the new programs and projects. The increase in the use of the debt sources leads to the increase in the debt level (Sen, 2008). The management team would have controlled the use of the debt sources. The management executives did not manage the debt amounts efficiently and crossed the limits of the financing. The credit amount should be paid, and the use of the debt sources was the main reason for the collapse of the company. The management should have managed all the business operations, managed the debt amounts and utilizing the assets in an appropriate manner. References Cummins, M. (2016).Keystone collapse: Jamie Oliver and Sydney's A-list find pubs and food don't mix. [online] The Sydney Morning Herald. Available at: [Accessed 15 May 2017]. Connellan, S. (2016).Australian Hospitality Empire Keystone Group Has Gone Into Receivership. [online] Available at: [Accessed 15 May 2017]. Sen, M. (2008).Business Management. 1st ed. New Delhi: Global Media Publications.

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Argument Essay Gre Samples - How To Prepare Essays For Good Arguments

Argument Essay Gre Samples - How To Prepare Essays For Good ArgumentsIf you are looking for an excellent means of writing and submitting an argument essay, you should start by downloading and reading these argument essays Gre samples. They are some of the best available online which will help you prepare yourself for creating your own argument essay.You can download these samples from the Ezine publishing house and their parent company by searching for the URL below. If you do not have the knowledge about how to use the computer properly, you can start your research from the Ezine article about this topic. These articles will teach you everything about the Ezine articles that will help you prepare your own essay. You may find some interesting information about the management system that is used by the editor to create great essays and report.You can get these essays from several sites including the Free Essay Templates. The samples are available in English and Chinese versions. There are many free online article writing services which provide essays of different topics that have a description of the author and his or her accomplishments. There are also the articles that deal with the main subject and also are used as a study guide.The quality proofreading services are also available for the essays which are created. The company provides the entire proofreading services by screening all the contents in the essay and then preparing a second round of the essay so that it will look the way it should be. This is one of the most useful ways of finding plagiarism. These companies take the work of the quality editors and they ensure that the essay is perfect in every area.After the completion of the essay, the writer should make it free of errors. This is actually what makes these essays so great. If you are good enough to create your own essay, you can go ahead and offer to edit it. However, if you are not satisfied with the article and would like to learn more about the topic, you can visit the website and can browse through the articles and start analyzing them to get more information about the topic.These essays will make you understand the first point of every essay and will give you information about the essay from the topic. After you get more information about the topic, you will know about the essay and it is your chance to make your own article better. However, it will require a lot of time and effort.You will need to learn more about the concept and write articles that are logical. You should also think of the topic thoroughly, so that the essay does not have errors. However, the majority of the writers will make sure that their essays are flawless. These samples can help you prepare the best essays by following the simple steps and analyzing them to get more information.

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Magical Solutions to Argumentative Essay Samples for Teachers Disclosed

Magical Solutions to Argumentative Essay Samples for Teachers Disclosed Key Pieces of Argumentative Essay Samples for Teachers Making an Outline Besides the plan for the entire procedure, you ought to have a plan for the paper. Migration is a means of escape for the poor individuals. If it fulfills that role, go ahead. Bear in mind that the absolute most time-consuming step is researching. You have to be reliable supply of information too. Moreover, you know where to search for reliable info. The Key to Successful Argumentative Essay Samples for Teachers Each section of the essay ought to have a particular function. The topics for argumentative essays are often quite self-explanatory they're common understanding. It is among the so many types of essay topics in which you will be required to disagree and take a stand. An argumentative essay is among the most troublesome forms of essays. The Benefit A persuasive essay grants you the advantage of digging through a problem. Stereotypes also are developing a false idea of the way that they interact with different individuals. They have created a distortion of how every individual should be. Who Else Wants to Learn About Argumentative Essay Samples for Teachers? While the laid out arguments are strong, there are still a few weak spots that have to be questioned. Your reasons are your key statements. Folks are more inclined to be aggressive after they've faced prejudice in a particular situation. There are always multiple means of handling a situation. A counter argument for my second premise is it is much too specific to get any kind of relevance in the subject of life boat ethics. Instead you must explain the aim of the essay. The ending of your paper should in itself generate as much debate. Try to remember you will need proof to support your arguments and anything which makes obvious the soundness of your position is going to do. The Hidden Treasure of Argumentative Essay Samples for Teachers Instructors are accustomed to academic language and it's not an issue for them to transform some idea into a predetermined topic. What's more, students may wear the clothes of their choice beyond the school. Writing an essay isn't a mean task. Narrative essays naturally get the job done nicely with the descriptive manner of essay writing. Creating an outline is a significant portion of writing. Keep searching until you locate a topic that genuinely stimulates you intellectually. Planning Time-management is critical for you once you will complete this kind of extensive work as an argumentative essay. Valentine's Day isn't a holiday. It's undeniable that overpopulation is an enormous issue with dogs worldwide. The argument in terms of child nutritional difficulties, particularly being overweight, can be managed. The issue really comes to the very simple actuality that we do not have sufficient homes for the range of dogs which exist. The true way to solve the overpopulation problem isn't to do away with breeders. There's no limit about how high humanity can build homes. Then you spill out all of the vital points and details in the most important body. Be both a beneficial guide through complex problems and an informed judge when choices have to be made. Each one has a fantastic ability to love unconditionally, and that's what really matters. Your readers have already constructed barriers against everything that isn't in sync with their own thinking or whatever is new. Things won't ever sound as easy as they might seem, folks make it seem like its safe just because you've got a gun on you. Annually, individuals are becoming sicker. All things considered, there should be a strong motivation behind why they migrate. Also, bullying is an important issue in schools. After all, a little one enjoys every minute with her or his loved ones. So go and get your children vaccinated. It's quite important to be aware that most parents want the very best for their kids.

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How to Write a Financial Need Essay

How to Write a Financial Need EssayIf you have a financial need and you are not able to find any jobs with an education that can help you overcome it, then why not write a financial need essay? You will be able to get immediate success when you can demonstrate your ability to pay for college. Students need this kind of assistance because there are many loans that students take out and if they fail to make their payments on time, then they may find themselves in huge debt.When writing a financial need essay, it is crucial that you include some history as well. A lot of people, especially those who are desperate for an income, will sell information off. People also will try to trade information for the money they need. These people are actually trying to find a way to get money to pay for their tuition and to help them keep their monthly bills paid.Now, to get started, you must write down your expenses that you incur each month, especially your family. Add up all the expenses you have every month and think about what you can do to cover them. Most of the people do not even know what is going on and will just get into their homes and pray to God to remove the burden of debt. If you want to stop living like this, you must become a bit more proactive.Try to think of all the different ways you can save money. Ask yourself, 'Is there anything I can do to save money?' The answer may surprise you. But, before you can make any money from this, you must come up with some ideas that will help you earn some money.In fact, you can't spend your life worrying about money and saving up every cent of money you get. Instead, you must use the money you get to invest in something you can make money at. Don't worry about if you have the money. It is much more important that you start saving.There are several different ways that you can invest your money to make money. This is why it is a good idea to find out how you can gain the most from the money you have received. You can use it for college, as retirement money, or for whatever purpose you have in mind. So, to get started, you must make sure that you spend the money for what you are using it for.Writing a financial need essay is easy and you can do it while you are having a good night's sleep. It does not matter if you are in college or in high school, you need to be willing to put forth effort to your essay. You do not have to feel guilty if you are not able to write; if you want to learn more about the subject, it is always a good idea to hire a professional.